Move Through My Past With Me!

Autumn here 🙂

In an attempt to help you get to know me and my mission, I wanted to share a little about what led me to starting this endeavor, Permission to Move!

Here it goes–

I grew up playing in mixed landscapes, splashing in the ocean and wandering in woods. This might be why I prefer a mix of the two now! It combines the best of both {natural} worlds! On top of the typical childhood play, my parents enrolled me in various sports, including flag football, tee-ball, swimming, tap, clogging, and I’m pretty sure there may have been some ribbon dancing in there (hah)!

I went to a small middle school, so I was able to play all the sports. I enjoyed soccer and volleyball the most. I liked basketball the least. That may have had something to do with how good I was at it. What I lacked in skill, I may have made up in fouls (accidentally!).

I funneled my efforts into softball and soccer in club sports, outside of school sports. Once in high school, I played soccer and rotated between cross country, track, and volleyball. I found that I enjoyed so many sports because I enjoyed the way they challenged me to use my body in different way.

Though I loved sports, I didn’t spend all of my time playing them! When I wasn’t outside, I was inside, learning.  I enjoyed anatomy and biology the most in high school. Confession: There were multiple reasons why I loved my AP biology class:

1. The content was fascinating.

2. The teacher was fantastic.

3. The guy a few rows back  :0)

That guy still has me thankful for that biology class (way to) many years ago. He is now my husband and greatest adventure partner and an awesome father to our two spunky girls.

My husband and I have built our life around adventures that include movement. Though not entirely intentionally, I think we are both just drawn to it. Our adventures morph with the change of seasons through out the year, and our life.


Each season of life requires something different of us-and our movement reflects that, as do our bodies. That is what bodies do.

Tune in later for Part 2 🙂


2 thoughts on “Move Through My Past With Me!

  1. Great Story! I think you have always been interested in movement. There was definitely ribbon dancing and gymnastics too! You definitely loved your physiology and anatomy class too! So proud of you!

  2. I am so excited to hear about your adventures! Movement is so critical and you have inspired me to do so especially in the last several years! I have started Pilates, and other things based on your suggestions. Thank you for your inspiration! I am moving!

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