Take Notice

Where did we leave off?

Oh Yes, I was saying that each season of life requires something different of us-and our movement will reflect that. As will our bodies.

There are seasons of life that we are proud of our bodies, as we are able to push our body to the limit, happy to see it rising to the occasion. There are those seasons when consistency seems achievable, when we dare to dream big because we feel invincible.

Then, there are seasons in life when we are quickly reminded we are not invincible. These seasons seem to creep up on us, but what if there were signs and messages from our body that we simply… ignored? Of course, it wasn’t intentional to ignore all the messages that your body sent.

But, that is kind of the problem. If we are not being intentional, we are being unintentional…and that has consequences. We’ve conditioned ourselves to brush off the messages our body is sending us, commonly describes as small ‘aches and pains’. We think to ourselves, ‘we don’t need to sweat the small stuff’. While that saying can liberate us from wasting brain power on things of unimportance, we need to take it a step further and ask, “is it unimportant?”

In this instance, the answer is no. The body is your vehicle to experience life. If your car sends you a message that subtly says the gas tank is half empty, you make a mental note of when you’ll plan to get gas. If you notice a few days later that it is again telling you, your gas is low, you listen. You pull off at the next gas station and fill that baby up!

If you don’t, which we have all been guilty of (right?), you will be sitting on the side of the high way, wondering why you didn’t do something sooner.

The analogy here is dependent upon you noticing before the worst case scenario happens…you run out of gas. I see this all the time in my field as a physical therapist. The signs were never noticed…until the body finally ran out of gas. Now, they’re in my office, dealing with debilitating pain from injury or surgery that ‘came out of no where’.

Yes, I agree, life happens, injury happens. However, we’ve also lost a critical component of self correspondence that leads itself nicely to injury mitigation : body awareness.

Stick around here a little longer to learn how to interpret and respond to the messages your body is desperately trying to communicate, thus increasing your body awareness and self connectedness! It’s is vital to life, in more ways than you could imagine.

Let me help you stay out or get out of survival mode! Show up. Do the work with me. Please. It is worth it.


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