Indoor Summer Moves Bucket List

I know, I know. I just told you all the things you need to be doing outside! But, if you’re summer is anything like the summer where I live, along with the sun comes the rain! Those summer thunderstorms and hurricanes can hinder those sunny summer plans.

You can spend a lot of time waiting for the rain to break before you feel like you are able to move your body. But, you’re body deserves to move when the need arises! So, here is a list of ways to get creative with movement in the house!

Disclaimer: “Bad” weather doesn’t necessarily mean you cannot go outside. Good gear can support movement in most kinds of weather,  but hurricanes and thunderstorms are basically a no-go!

So, if you find yourself inside for any variety of reasons, read on to get your movement on!

Indoor Summer Moves Bucket List


-Indoor hopscotch

-Dance party (pick some music you love to move to!)

-Reading a book in a new posture (squatting, butterfly, kneeling, etc).

-Yoga/pilates/workout class in a studio or on T.V or a computer (Explore your options-there are a lot of free sources!)

-Interactive video games (like Kinect, Playstation Move, etc)

-Barefoot body weight exercises (this was on the outdoor list too!)

-Go to an indoor swimming pool

-Fashion show (walk the runway barefoot, switching from heels to toes!-and any other creative ways you can get down the runway)

-Decorate walking sticks or other outdoor treasures that you can use with your kids for your next sunny adventure

-Do a favorite craft in a different, more challenging position

-Camping indoors (mimic all you do camping within the limits of your house!)


-Chores, with an emphasis on working in new movement patterns throughout

Do you have any ways you sneak movement into your day spent indoors?

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