Outdoor Summer Moves Bucket List!

The sun is shining a littler bit later each evening, letting us know that summer is here! With each change of season comes an opportunity for a change in the way you move your body!

A body in motion is a happy body, but there is more to moving than just doing it! A change in the way you move is important to preventing excess stress on the body from repetitive movement patterns. Variety in your movement is crucial to keeping your body free from those pesky aches and pains!

Plus, diversification in movement keeps movement fun and exciting! So here is a list of summer moves to add to your bucket list.

Summer Moves Bucket List

-Wheel barrow race with friends or your kids

-A new dance class

-Hop scotch

-Jump rope

-Grab a group of friends to play soccer

-Go to a batting cage

-Go swimming

-Beach volleyball

-Frisbee or disc golf

-Barefoot body weight workout

-Move/Play in the rain

-Beach yoga

-A pilates class (preferably at the peak of the day, when it’s too hot outside!)

-Morning bike ride or roller blade (yes, that is still a thing!)

-Sunrise or sunset paddle board

-Find a new park to walk around

-Ask a friend how he/she likes to move and if you can join in

Set a goal of doing a few new things a week!! Notice the different ways each activity requires something different of your body. Leave a comment about the benefits you’ve noticed from branching out of your normal routine!


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