Clothes That Move with You!

IMG_6533I’m glad your back! Let’s dive in to clothes that allow freedom of movement!

Clothing has come a long way in the last few years. There are a lot of companies that are making sustainable clothes that are flexible and attractive. So, to facilitate you moving more and better, we are going to post some of our favorite brands and clothes that are made to move with you!

First up, PANTS!

Women’s Pants


Mountain Hardware Dynama Pants
  (stretchy waist band makes these extra comfy)












ruby wine

Lululemon Dance Studio III Pants (Unlined)

Men’s Pants


           Men’s Ferrosi Pants

Readers’ Favorites:

BetaBrand Yoga Pants Straight Leg Pants

Prana Halle Pants (Color Thistle)

5 thoughts on “Clothes That Move with You!

  1. I currently am loving the Prana Halle pants! Love that I can wear to work and move freely with patients, go home and get on the floor with my baby to play, and head out on a hike without having to change my clothes!

  2. I have two favorites at the moment! My favorite yoga pants are 90Degrees by Reflex, which are made to move with you through the toughest, sweatiest workouts (great for Florida summers), and are comfortable enough to lounge around in. The company boasts that they are “athleisure brand made for those who simply love to move.” I also love BetaBrand’s “Dress Pant Yoga Pants”. They are made from yoga pant material styled to resemble dress pants appropriate for an office setting. I love the idea that you can pull off some lunchtime yoga without having to change your pants!

    1. Thanks for commenting! I’ve been wanting to try out BetaBrand! I am glad that you had a good experience! :0) I’ve added a picture of them to the page in case anyone is interested in trying them out.

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