Movement Adds Sweat and Sparkle to Life


“Verbs Are The Most Important of All Your Tools. They push the sentence forward and give it momentum. Active verbs push hard; passive verbs tug fitfully.

The above quote is from a book I am reading called “On Writing Well”. I was surprised to find that a paragraph in this book accurately explains my sentiment on pursuing movement in my daily life. Verbs are movement in word form. Just as verbs push the sentence forward and give it momentum, movement has the power to push life forward and give it meaning.

The author believes that verbs “give vitality to the written word” just as I believe that movement gives vitality to life. If we move only enough to get through the day, we are depriving our bodies and souls of achieving optimal well-being. We need movement to describe our life, to define it, to add clarity to it.  William Zinsser goes on to say “many verbs also carry in their imagery or in their sound a suggestion of what they mean: glitter, dazzle, twirl, beguile, scatter, swagger, poke, pamper, vex”. The imagery and action of these verbs also look as vivacious as they sound. Movement adds glam and sparkle (and sweat) to life.

You may not be at a point in life that all aspects of movement conjure sparkles and rainbows. While movement can be invigorating, it can also be challenging. Rather than focusing on the movements that invoke imagery in your mind of a looming rain cloud, find ones that lite a fire in you. For some that might mean dancing! You can dance in your kitchen or in a Zumba class. Either way, you’re moving with your whole body. For others, that might mean kickboxing, skateboarding, walking or tai chi.

If you don’t know of a movement that calls to you, start experimenting. There are so many different ways to enjoy movement and while I recommend including a variety of movements in your life, it absolutely helps to start with your favorite!


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