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This past Christmas was the Christmas we decided to get our four-year-old her first bike! We thought she was ready to graduate from her balance bike and move on to a bike with pedals.

I was looking for a bike around town at some local bike shops and at department stores like Walmart and Target, but I just wasn’t happy with what I was finding. All of the bikes I was finding were plastered with Disney characters. I wanted something that looked a little more timeless, but also functional.

I was hoping to find a bike that had a hand brake so that she would be comfortable with the transition to a bigger bike when the time came. This proved to be a difficult request. Most of the bikes I found only had the foot brake, which was great for beginners, but limited her as she advanced.

6 months later, I am convinced I found the best beginner bike and want to share it with you in case you are in the same position as I was months ago. I have had so many people stop us, requesting more information about this adorable, yet functional bike.

We bought the bike off of Amazon, but wrote the manufactures with a few questions before purchasing and were pleased with their prompt response. Plus, there was a hiccup with the pricing and they were very agreeable to help us figure out the issue.

The bike has a retro vibe and instantly takes me back to my summers spent at the Campground with my grandparents, cruising around on a banana bike. Do you remember those bikes? The bike comes in light blue, white, yellow, purple, and pink. There is a full chain guard to protect the littles from getting something stuck in the chain, which is wonderful because my daughter loves riding her bike in a dress. She’s rugged, but she loves looking fancy, too.

One of my favorite features is the single-tube curved frame which is the main reason I purchased the bike! There is no cross bar preventing her from jumping off the bike if she loses her balance or momentum (which happens frequently when learning to ride a bike). This feature has allowed my daughter to be more adventurous on her bike, without the fear of getting trapped under the bike if she falls.

The bike is heavier than other bikes the same size because it has a steel frame. However, it is still light enough for my daughter to maneuver on her own, most of the time.


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The bike is easy to put together and comes with everything you need to get your toddler out riding right away! The bike comes with a bell, but the bell got knocked off when my daughter put her bike down, so we upgraded the bell to the bell of my daughter’s choice which really plays into the retro feel.


Just yesterday my daughter was riding her bike next to me while I ran and a lady rolled down her bike as she passed us to “I love your bike!”, with a huge smile on her face.

This bike is high quality and we are looking forward to passing it on to our younger daughter in a year or two. I will definitely be getting the same bike when our oldest grows out of this one!

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