Adventure Clothes

My husband had the great idea of hiking the boardwalk at a local nature park this past weekend. We were all lacking a bit of energy and motivation to, so we needed some excitement to get us moving. This idea perked my four-year-old right up! She ran into her room, changed, then ran back to where her dad, myself and my two-year-old were still lounging around.

She started jumping in circles and singing, “I got my adventure clothes on, I got my adventure clothes on”. She was so excited that she could wear her ‘adventure clothes’ to an adventure this afternoon.

I love that her mind found something to get excited about. She wasn’t focused on how hot it was going to be (90 degrees +), she wasn’t focused on the fact that she might get tired hiking. She wasn’t concerned about whether or not she could keep up with her hiking partners. She didn’t put pressure on herself to make it her fastest hiking mile. You know, she wasn’t making it heavy, like myself and every other adult does.

She simply let herself be excited, to find enjoyment in the activity and even the preparation for it. This was a great reminder for me, so I wanted to share it with you! Let yourself focus on the positive. When your mind goes to the heavy, make it light! Focus on your adventure clothes 🙂


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