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I wouldn’t classify myself as a minimalist, but I do strongly believe in limiting what comes out of our checking account and into our house. This is a constant battle deciding what is worthy and what is not. Sometimes, it is obvious and other times I baffled at the process and the overload of decisions.

Choosing toys for my kids has been a huge part of this challenge! Toys that I am sure they will love and play with FOREVER see little action after the first introduction. Other times something makes its way into my house that I envision in the donation pile soon, but it ends up being well loved.

I’ve noticed though that the toys that stay favorites and get the most use are the toys that keep them moving! Kids are drawn to movement and I want them to push them into that urge rather than distract them from it or teach them to ignore it!

Here are the most popular movement toys in our house:

  1. Ride-on-Toys: There are so many options for these on the market now! We have a long, narrow house that lends itself well to ride-on-toys. We have a big wheel, a plasma car, and a Haba Mover wooden ride-on-truck. We are in between seasons of needing a balance bike, but that was a favorite for our three (now four-year-old) for a long time. Scooters are also acceptable if you trust your kid won’t go too fast inside! Find one that is right for you and embrace the movement!




2. Doll Stroller, Push Wagon or Buggy. We were gifted with a 20-year-old doll stroller when my daughter was two. This stroller became (and still is a favorite) nearly two years later. My youngest daughter was then gifted one for her second birthday! Pushing a stroller around the neighborhood usually gets us farther than when we don’t bring one.  Plus, they get used all day long in the house. They usually start by pushing dolls around and then end by pushing each other around…so far the strollers are holding the weight. When the neighborhood boys come over to play there is almost always a fight over the stroller! Wagons, shopping carts and buggies are other great options!



3. Toy Kitchen. Kids don’t cook like us adults do! They play the waiter or waitress and bring the food back and forth to where ever you are in your house! They will make menus and eagerly write down your order (whether or not its actually legible doesn’t actually matter). They stand their fixing your food until it’s perfect and will willingly bring it back and forth to the kitchen until it is just right! They will serve you three, four and five-course meals! They will squat down to look in the stove to check on the progress of your food to give you the most accurate waiting time. The kitchen has been so well loved in our house and has kept them creatively interacting for hours.



4. Rock Climbing Wall. We have an 8×8 foot rock climbing wall in our garage that our four and two-year-old beg to climb on daily! This DIY project has been worth the time investment! If you have the room for it, you

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wont regret it, especially if you keep it simple!

Keep them moving!

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