Move Mountains?

I hear the saying “God can move mountains a lot. And most of the time, we find ourselves praying that He does. And while I agree, that God can move mountains, I think He moves them a lot less than we want Him to. We beg and plead with God to take these mountains out of our path because we know that climbing a mountain is a lot of work. It’s also challenging, uncomfortable, daunting, scary and overwhelming. That’s not all though. It also builds confidence, encourages growth, is engaging and focused and beautiful.

God can move mountains, but sometimes He asks that you climb them because there is something for you to gain on the journey up to the summit. 

My husband and I have taken to mountain climbing. Before kids, it was fourteeners, now, with kids, the trails are shorter and the elevation is less, but the challenges are just as many. The process is worth the tears and the complaints of achy legs and little ones saying it’s taking too long, because of the lessons they are learning along the way.

Our oldest, then 2 years old, hiked down and up again into a volcano in Hawaii. She hiked 5 miles at 3 years old up to a mountain in Colorado last summer and recently hiked to the College M in Bozeman, Montana at 4 years old. Our younger one doesn’t quite have the push that our older one does to accomplish the mileage, but we are confident that she is battling her own challenges along the way.

Climbing mountains teach you that you can overcome. We need that lesson. The journey is rough and has you questioning yourself again and again. Whether or not you make the summit or your destination, you are challenged. You overcome.

I’m not sure who this quote is from, but I think it is a good reminder: “If mountains where smooth, we’d never be able to climb them”. I had experience skinning (basically skiing up) a smooth mountain. The snow was slushy and slick and for every burst that I made forward, I would slide back twice as much. I used and lost so much energy and all I found in return was frustration.

Now, more than ever, I appreciate the rocky path, instead of the dust or slushy skin…it gives us something to dig our heels into to keep us planted firmly where we need to be.

Let this message give you encouragement if you find yourself praying for God to move a mountain without success. He may just be answering your prayer in a much different way.

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