Care Greatly

I read a book to my girls about a mouse that wanted to visit his mother. The beginning distance he roller-skated towards her, but when his wheels fell off, he bought boots. When his boots wore out, he bought shoes, and when his shoes wore out, he bought new feet. His new feet carried him to his final destination and the story ended with his mother commenting how nice his new feet were.

We had a long conversation about the silliness of the story and if in fact, we could ever get new feet. Or any other body part. In a sense, many people nowadays do opt for a new knee or hip, or in extreme cases, are blessed with the ability of possibility post-amputation with a prosthetic.

While these medical advances are amazing and often improve on someone’s quality of life, the best option is to care greatly for the first body you get! That may not mean life will allow you to keep the originals, but you may have them for longer and the recovery will likely be better if you do have to take advantage of new age possibilities.

Caring for your body, of course, is subjective. Don’t look to others routine to copy; that often leads to frustration and failure. Connect with your body. Listen to its needs and simply pick something to improve on 1% a day. It may take a while to tune into your body if you’ve lost contact with it, but the journey will most definitely improve your destination.

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