If My Life Were a Book…

Amy Purdy’s book, On My Own Two Feet, she poses an interesting question.
“If my life were a book, and I were the author, how would I want my story to go?”

She asks herself this after she went from living a normal life as a nineteen-year-old to contracting bacterial meningitis, which left her in kidney failure and with a bilateral below-knee amputation. As you can imagine, this new life left her with many new challenges like learning how to ambulate with two lower limb prosthetics. Wow.

Her drive to achieve her goals despite her limitations is contagious. While her situation is extreme, life limitations aren’t uncommon. We all have roadblocks, obstacles, and challenges to achieving goals. Even if those challenges are welcomed and expected, we must be creative, determined and disciplined to push towards what God has laid on our heart.

Through this endeavor, Amy decided that her goals were to “…snowboard… travel…learn, discover, and grow…”

What are your life goals? Have you weaved them into your story? While I believe God is the one telling my story, I recognize that I am holding the pen so I’d better get writing!

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