5 Things I Stopped Doing to Start Minimizing

  • Stop buying more products if you have not used up the ones you have. I see a product I want, more often than not it’s on sale. So, I buy it so that I have something else to use after my current product runs out. However, something I have noticed recently is that products last a realllllllllyyyyyy long time. And if I keep doing this, I end up with a closet of items that I am not actually getting to use…I am simply getting to store them. Not anymore. To help me with this, I keep a running list on Trello of all the products I want to buy when I am close to running out of my current product. By the time I actually need to buy a new product, I am more purposeful in my purchase, less frivolous.
  • Stop waiting to wear/use/consume the things in your house. The special occasion will never be special enough. There will never be the perfect project to color on the expensive paper. You won’t burn the candle, write in the journal, use the fancy dishes, or wear the clothes in your closet if you don’t start now. There will never be a better time to use (insert anything) your things than right now.
  • Stop comparing your journey to someone else’s. So what if you know they’ve bought 4 pairs of shorts this week. Do you need 4 more pairs? So what if they have more toys for their kids in their house. Do you want to be in charge of organizing more toys? So what if they have really nice serving dishes. Do you enjoy hosting as much as they do? It is so easy to watch everyone else’s spending habits, consuming habits, and lifestyle choices and compare yourself. It’s much harder to evaluate your goals, your habits, your choices, and then stick to them. Sitting down with your spouse and outlining these goals will make decision making much easier for you. Before your next purchase, check to see if it aligns with the values you have outlined with your spouse. The purchase will switch from ‘an I need it now’ to, ‘not a right now’ purchase.
  • Stop saying yes to just because you like it. Do you love it? There is an abundance of things to like in the world. There is an abundance of things to love in this world, so you must set some parameters for things that you love; not just like. Pick colors, fabrics, lengths, and styles so you know what you love and can quickly tease out the things you don’t.
  • Stop shopping without a purpose. This one hit me hard. I would go to a website looking for something specific and end up with a shopping cart full of stuff because I lost my purpose along the way. Now, to help me with this, I shop with the search bar. I find what I need and end up saving a lot of time (and money).
  • Stop following people who consume differently than you. Whether that be friends, influencers, or even a website, it sends too many confusing messages to your head and heart when you want to stop buying excess, but then others are showing you this season’s MUST-HAVES. You may be able to follow these influences again, once you have set clear boundaries but say ‘see ya later’ for right now.
  • Stop the media (TV, email, influencers) that don’t serve you RIGHT NOW. You are in control of the number of ads or consumables you are exposed to. Unsubscribe from the emails, turn off the T.V. and find a different influencer who is focused on the same goals as you. Are you trying to minimize? Find someone who is doing or has done the same.
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