How To Downsize Your Closet

  1. Narrow down your ‘YES’: color palette, fabric, flow, and fit. What do you love to wear? What looks the best on you? When I first asked myself this question, I wondered, how on earth am I supposed to know this? It was definitely not intuitive for me. Instead of buying more clothes that I wasn’t sure I would love, I tried something else…
  2. Wear each piece of your clothing. For a full day. By the end of the day, I knew if it is an item I wanted to keep or get rid of. This process is much slower than getting rid a lot at once. But, I had regularly been doing that and I was still stuck. This also allowed me to make note of why I liked it or why I wanted to get rid of it. Halfway through my closet, I was making the decision to get rid of it much quicker. Why? I was getting to know myself. Do you have clothing in another size that you are having problems getting rid of? I am right there with you. For the last 6 years, I have been either pregnant, post-partum, or nursing. Needless to say, my size has gone up and back down several times. My solution to this is SAVE 2: Save 2 pants/2 shirts/2 pairs of shorts or skirts from that season of your life. This has allowed me to save my favorites and let go of the rest. This has also given me peace of mind in case I end up needing them again.
  3. When your shopping and considering something to buy, remember: if you are saying yes to something you kind of like, you are saying no to something you love because we all have limited resources (like money to buy more clothes and time to manage them all).
  4. Set a daily uniform. What do you find yourself gravitating towards wearing most days? For me its jean shorts and a shirt. It feels casual enough to wear around the house, pulled together that I can run errands or walk to the playground, but also allows me the opportunity to get on the floor with the girls and play. I tried to fight this, but now, I slip on shorts and a tee in the morning with a chunky necklace and am ready to tackle whatever the world throws at me.
  5. Shop with the search bar. Are you searching for a new hat? A shirt in the perfect shade of green? A dress with a specific flow or shape? Don’t scroll through every option…your willpower to resist other cute items will quickly lower. Instead, shop with the search bar. If you don’t find it, move on to the next shop. If you do, check out! I have saved a lot of time and money- by doing this.
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