Why Telehealth?

When people hear that I am offering Telehealth, I usually get this question: How can you do Telehealth if you are a physical therapist? Don’t you need to use your hands when you work with people? It is a good question. I asked myself this question before I decided to add Telehealth services to PERMISSION2MOVE. Here are three reasons why I LOVE Telehealth for my physical therapy/wellness business.

  1. Telehealth services can drastically reduce the wait time of medical care. When someone gets hurt, has pain, or has questions, they usually sit and wait. Wait to contact a doctor. Wait to get an appointment. Wait for a referral. All the while WAITING FOR ANSWERS. Telehealth connects you with me quickly. It turns the waiting into working. We will be working towards a goal, together.
  2. Telehealth services expand my span of reach. Telehealth services connects me with people from all over the United States. It just makes the world feel a little smaller. Telehealth allows me to care for you no matter where you are! People are also getting very creative with their time on earth. Some called to the untethered life are traveling, van-lifers, nomads. I get it. I was, too! My family traveled the United States for two years, living out of our Mercedes Sprinter Van. Despite wanting to disconnect from society, I still wanted to care for my body. PERMISSION2MOVE Telehealth services allow you to check-in with a clinician without checking out of your adventurous lifestyle.
  3. Telehealth reduces stress for the client. Nowadays our lives are so busy with errands, appointments, drop-offs, and pick-ups. Telehealth allows you to focus on your needs without needing to carve out more time to run around town.

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