About Me

My life path has lead me down a road of assisting people to keep moving! From a young age, I was impressed with how complex and wonderful the body is. As I learned more about the body and its abilities, I quickly saw that movement is how many people pursue their life passions. I knew then that a career in movement was what I wanted to do.

As I began working with people, I realized that people often need help to feel their best in their body. When people feel good, they can focus on challenges bigger than themselves; they can continue to chase their ideal life.

Without getting the help they need, their physical limitations get in the way of their purpose, their hobbies, their joy. I felt compelled to take my study of the body in personal training a step further. I wanted to understand injuries and restrictions in the body so that I could help people work through those setbacks.

For 10 years I worked as a physical therapist in a hospital, outpatient physical therapy clinic, and even an acute rehab facility helping people overcome some extreme challenges. And I loved it! However, these interactions made me wish I could rewind time to help these individuals mitigate the problem before it arose.

I realized then that I love working on small irritations within the body before they become big ones! I want to help you be proactive with your pain, your body, your lifestyle.

Not only do I pursue movement professionally, but also personally.