Do you accept insurance?

PERMISSION2MOVE therapy and wellness services are all cash based, at this time. I have chosen to opt out of accepting insurance because I have often seen that the limitations and contingencies that insurance demands are prohibitive to true healing. Your body is worth the investment and attention it requires, not what insurance decides it will cover. You will get one-on-one time with your me, rather than having to share your time with 2-3 other patients during your appointment slot.

Do I need a prescription, script or physician’s referral?

A prescription or referral for physical therapy is not required for you to be seen at PERMISSION2MOVE; you can call or email to make an appointment right now.  One of the reasons I started PERMISSION2MOVE is because of the need to be seen quickly after an acute injury. The sooner you can be seen by a physical therapist, the more temporary the pain is. We can begin working together quickly, which vastly improves your path to healing. That is the beauty of a cash based company. You do not need to wait a week or more to be seen to get a doctor to say physical therapy is right for you! Telehealth physical therapy allows us to meet without the normal restrictions the medical system suffers form.

Please contact as immediately after experiencing an mild-moderate injury or particular challenge within your body! You do not have to deal with the pain that you have been waiting to go away!

Please note: I am happy to work with your doctor and other health care professionals as needed. I am trained in identifying red flags for medical conditions that need to be treated by a medical doctor.

What can I expect from my visit?

During our visit, I will be addressing you as a whole. I cannot simply focus on just your injury if I want long lasting results (which of course, is my goal for every client/patient I am blessed to work with). I want to understand exactly what is going on by uncovering the root cause of the problem. Treating the symptoms your experiencing will not build a bridge to long term, pain free living. During the evaluation we will take a deep dive into movement patterns, coping mechanisms, and your hobbies/daily activities so that I can prescribe a specific treatment plan designed to address the problems areas responsible for your pain.

You should also expect to put in some work! While I understand the demands of life, I also understand that results only happen when the client is willing and ready to slow down and give your beautiful body the attention it desires. Physical Therapy is not a “quick fix”, and while we can wish the process were faster, I often see clients learn to enjoy the journey of understanding their body. Many people do experience relief within the first few visits and a vast improvement in there body as well as their mind in 5 treatments. Once your pain subsides, we shift our focus to strengthening and habit re/training. I will show you how to work your newly acquired skills into your daily routine so you can thrive


Telehealth is a way to visit with healthcare providers, like me, virtually (online)! You can talk to your provider from any place you feel comfortable. For a telehealth visit, you do not have to go to a clinic or hospital. Through IntakeQ, our visits will be held through the encrypted ZOOM Cloud Meetings platform. This means, you will need to download the ZOOM Cloud Meetings to your phone, tablet, or computer prior to our visit. During these zoom visits, you will become your own taught how to treat themselves at home using self-treatment techniques, activity modification strategies and corrective exercise. You will receive a personalized treatment program for treatment and long term prevention techniques.

  • What conditions can you treat through telehealth? Due to built in limitations of telehealth, the scope of treatment is best kept to preventative concerns, mild-moderate (musculoskeletal) injuries, post-operative cases <6-8 months, and fitness/wellness cases. There are some conditions and treatments that are better done in person. Send me an email so we can decide together if you are a good fit! I also offer consultation calls for a small fee if you need more guidance than an email can offer!
  • Is online treatment as good as in-person treatment? In many ways, yes! If we have identified your condition is appropriate for online sessions, then there are many positives to working with you online! Here are a few: seeing you set-up/perform exercises in your own home and suggest modifications as needed; empowerment to take charge of your body and injury; you’re more comfortable in your home environment.


A 24-hour notice is requested for the courtesy of the PT and other patients/clients waiting to be seen.

people on a video call