Dr. S.

Who knew that having sciatica would be the best thing that happened to my back? It’s true! I was referred to Autumn for physical therapy. Not only did she do a great job as a certified physical therapist in helping my sciatica to resolve, but she recommended Pilates as a way to keep my back in better shape. As a surgeon, and bending over from the waist for many years, my back had become a significant issue. I began doing Pilates with Autumn and I have never looked back! Sessions with her were consistently excellent. She individualized my routine so I could work on the parts of my body that were problematic for me. I steadily gained flexibility, and my back began feeling better and better. Sessions with her were always interesting, as she varied the routine so I never got bored. When I told her that I was an avid golfer, she incorporated elements into my routine that helped me with my golf game, gaining flexibility to make a bigger turn. I have now done Pilates regularly for the past 6 years, and enjoy it as much now as when I first began. I will forever be grateful to Autumn for starting me on my Pilates journey!