“I was a college athlete and have been very active in sports my entire life. With this has come many sport’s related injuries, surgeries, rehab and of course, PT. Autumn is the best PT I have ever worked with. She not only helped me recover from a serious back injury 2 years ago, without requiring surgery, but also improved my chronic bad shoulder along the way! Her broad knowledge and ability to not just tell you what to do, but why is invaluable.
And her passion for helping people and to serve is very strong. She cares deeply and it shows. You will never regret working with Autumn to improve your health.
I just wish she hadn’t moved as I know I’ll need her help again!

“Autumn is hands down the best, most personable PT I’ve ever worked with. She is a smart, sweet, respectful and strong woman whose hands-on and thoughtful work produces results. I’d been to multiple different doctors and PTs and her attention to detail uncovered rotation and misalignment of my pelvis after childbirth that no one else had previously found. She helped me get sustained relief from pain. I wish I could work with such a wonderful professional more often!”

“Who knew that having sciatica would be the best thing that happened to my back? It’s true because I was referred to Autumn for physical therapy! Not only did she do a great job as a licensed physical therapist in helping my sciatica to resolve, but she recommended I begin Pilates as a way to keep my back and body in better shape. As a surgeon, I was bending over at the waist for many years which contributed to significant back issues. I began doing Pilates with Autumn and I have never looked back! Sessions with her were consistently excellent. She individualized my routine so I could work on the parts of my body that were problematic for me. I steadily gained flexibility, and my back began feeling better and better. Sessions with her were always interesting, as she varied the routine so I never got bored. When I told her that I was an avid golfer, she incorporated elements into my routine that helped me with my golf game, gaining mobility to improve my rotation which I needed for my swing. I have now done Pilates regularly for the past 6 years, and enjoy it as much now as when I first began. I will forever be grateful to Autumn for starting me on my Pilates journey!” -Dr. S.

Who knew that having sciatica would be the best thing that happened to my back? It’s true! I was referred to Autumn for physical therapy. Not only… Read more “Dr. S.”

Dr. S.